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The Best Furby Boom

Furby Boom Polka Dots – The Number 1 Best Seller – Furby Boom Pink with White Polka Dots, funky blue ears and feet is adored by children everywhere.

However Furby Boom straight stripes - This fun character has pink and black stripes, with yellow feet and ears is quickly becoming very popular also.

Furby Boom Figure Straight Stripes

Furby Boom Straight Stripes

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We will give you all the details on the latest Furby Boom Review of the latest generation including the best seller and easy access to find your favourite Furby Boom critter & Furby Colors.  

The range includes

No matter which one you choose, you are on board for endless fun with these amazing Furby Boom critters.

Your Furby Boom Straight Stripes still has A Mind of Its Own and will combine physical and digital ways to play using the free furby boom app!

Interact with your Furby Boom Straight Stripes 1 on 1 to form its personality, and then hatch and raise your own digital Furby Furblings together.  This Furby Boom Straight Stripes creature has over twice the responses as the previous Furby, remembering  the name you give it and it has 5 new personalities to discover and connect with. Above and beyond all that, it's hatching a new generation!

The Furby population has expanded because Furby Boom can hatch more than 50 virtual Furby Furblings eggs!

Collect virtual eggs in the free Furby Boom app by taking care of your Furby Boom Straight Stripes. You can also get them from friends who have Furby Boom and then try to hatch enough virtual Furblings to fill the towers of your city. Once you have done this” Can you find the Golden Egg”, Good Luck!!!!

As you collect and hatch virtual Furblings eggs, and your digital city fills up,  you and your Furby Boom can interact with your virtual Furblings. You can play games in the app such as Furball, the Furbish version of soccer with your Furby Boom Straight Stripes and your virtual Furblings. Between looking after your Furby Boom Straight Stripes and raising virtual Furblings, the Furbish fun never ends.

Have endless fun using the Furby Boom app to give your Furby Boom creature virtual food, checkups, showers, have an xray and more

Give Your Furby Boom a Name that it will remember and it also remembers the names of other Furby Boom friends that it meets along the way.


Most of all your Furby Boom Straight Stripes just wants to connect with you.


Furby Boom Straight Stripes Customer Reviews

Happy Shopper

It's fur is nice to touch, soft nice fur! U can pull the tail, turn it around hold it by its 2 feet, tickle tummy etc etc.....Read more at amazon.com

Sandy F.

He makes the ususal furby sounds, but also has a larger vocabulary than previous versions.. Read more at amazon.com

Curtis B.K.

I ended up picking up this Zigzag Stripes Furby for my parents soon after receiving my own Furby. I'm 30 and both my parents are 50 years and older. We all LOVE our Furbs! Lol Read more at amazon.com

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